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                                                                        Single-Process Station for Stator Assembly

                                                                        The complete winding process of an automated EV stator assembly line with hairpin technology is explained in 10 single-process steps:

                                                                        1. Paper insertion

                                                                        2. Pin forming

                                                                        Basket setup

                                                                        4. Basket insertion

                                                                        5. Widening

                                                                        6. Twisting

                                                                        7. Trimming

                                                                        8. Welding

                                                                        9. Impregnation

                                                                        10. Powder Coating

                                                                        JULI Automation can provide automated assembly solutions for each single-process step. You can integrate these solutions into your own automated assembly process.

                                                                        Profit from decades of R&D and project management experience by choosing JULI Automation.