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                                                                        JULI Automation Wins The HYCET "Excellent Craftsman Award"

                                                                        Recently, the 2023 HYCET Partners Annual Meeting (Pizhou) was held, and JULI Automation won the Excellence Craftsman Award among more than 250 local and international suppliers with its multiple high-production, intelligent, stable and advanced flat wire motor stator mass production lines.

                                                                        With the theme of "Building, integrating, sharing and winning together", the annual meeting of HYCET partners aims to achieve strategic matching with high-quality supplier partners represented by JULI Automation, establish a joint innovation mechanism, increase the stickiness of cooperation, and achieve win-win cooperation.

                                                                        In 2021, the first collaboration between JULI Automation and HYCET took place, and the companies completed several hairpin motor stator intelligent production line projects such as EPA-1, EPF-1 and EPG-5 with high quality and efficiency. JULI showed excellent management ability, fast organizational response ability, and strong team implementation ability in each project construction, and completed the delivery and mass production of each hairpin motor stator line project, highly strengthening the cooperation bond between both companies.

                                                                        HYCET Co-Chairman Zheng Lipeng said in his speech that HYCET is a key part of Great Wall Motor Group's transformation in electric vehicles. With the settlement of the Pizhou production base in 2022, the Division's layout of production bases in the country has reached five, fully equipped with the production and manufacturing capacity of DCT, AT, DHT, motor-electric control and other products, quickly realizing the layout of the industry chain from traditional to electric.

                                                                        The Great Wall Motor HYCET Pizhou base is their second electric vehicle transmission system production base after the Yangzhong base. It is responsible for producing electric products, including hybrid series transmission, high-performance three-in-one pure electric drive assembly and its core components, etc. After the project is put into operation as a whole, in addition to the annual production capacity of 450,000 units of lemon hybrid DHT transmission, there is also a planned annual production capacity of 350,000 units for electric vehicle three-in-one pure electric drive assembly and core components such as pure electric drive assembly and controller.

                                                                        "It is our persistent pursuit to meet customers' needs with the most advanced technology, the best quality and the most attentive service, and to create unique value for our customers." Zhang Riping, General Manager of JULI Automation, said that we are honored to be the "Excellence in Craftsmanship Award" winner from HYCET due to the excellent performance of JULI's project team and good strategic cooperation. At the same time, JULI Automation will uphold the consistent artisan spirit and work with many customers represented by HYCET to create more high-quality and efficient mass production lines of intelligent flat-wire motors.