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                                                                        EV Motor Stator Assembly Line with Hairpin Tech

                                                                        Every EV motor consists of a stator assembled with winding technology. In the past 10 years, global EV brands have researched different winding technologies. Since 2018, the leading technology has been "hairpin winding". This consists of several U-formed pins formed into a basket, inserted into the stator, and then processed on the other end with each two pin ends welded together. The result is a complete winding cycle.

                                                                        JULI Automation has provided more than 25 hairpin winding assembly lines, most of which are highly automated.

                                                                        In 2018, JULI Automation provided China's first automated EV motor stator line with hairpin technology.

                                                                        The complete winding process involves 10 single-process steps:

                                                                        1. Paper insertion

                                                                        2. Pin forming

                                                                        Basket setup

                                                                        4. Basket insertion

                                                                        5. Widening

                                                                        6. Twisting

                                                                        7. Trimming

                                                                        8. Welding

                                                                        9. Impregnation

                                                                        10. Powder Coating

                                                                        These process steps have been developed over several years and are constantly improved.

                                                                        If you choose an automated EV stator assembly line with hairpin technology, you benefit from our decades of R&D and project management.