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                                                                        JULI Automation Wins The HYCET "Excellent Craftsman Award"

                                                                        Recently, the 2023 HYCET Partners Annual Meeting (Pizhou) was held, and JULI Automation won the Excellence Craftsman Award among more than 250 local and international suppliers with its multiple high-production, intelligent, stable and advanced flat wire motor stator mass production lines.

                                                                        From Hairpin Motor Stator Pilot Line To Mass Production Line, JULI Automation Won FAW Hongqi Orders

                                                                        One month after the delivery of the first hairpin motor stator flexible trial production line, FAW Hongqi, a Chinese luxury car brand, has recently chosen JULI Automation once again to continue to build the first intelligent hairpin motor stator mass production line. This again shows that another top international vehicle manufacturer highly recognizes JULI Automation's hairpin motor stator manufacturing technology.

                                                                        JULI Automation's Products Honored By "Zhejiang Manufacturing Excellence" Award

                                                                        The intelligent production equipment of electric vehicle drive motor stator from JULI Automation was list on the 2022 "Zhejiang manufacturing excellence".