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                                                                        JULI Automation

                                                                        Welcome to JULI Automation, a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise with a rich history spanning over three decades in small motor manufacturing equipment. Our diverse product portfolio, including more than 70 models and specifications, underlines our commitment to versatility and innovation.

                                                                        Unwavering Commitment to Quality

                                                                        Our unremitting pursuit of product perfection has established a robust quality assurance system, affirmed by accreditations such as ISO9001:2000 and the CE safety certification of the European Union. Our dedication has earned us prestigious titles like "China Excellent Brand Enterprise", "Zhejiang Contract Abiding and Credit Unit (AAA)", and "Taizhou Famous Brand Product Manufacturer".

                                                                        Expert Team, Innovative Solutions

                                                                        At the heart of JULI Automation are our dedicated engineers, who bring decades of experience in winding technology and hairpin technology. This expertise has enabled us to deliver over 60 successful hairpin projects in the past 15 years, making us a trusted partner in the industry.

                                                                        Localized Approach, International Standards

                                                                        Strategically situated in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, we provide a localized approach while meeting international standards. Our proficiency in languages like German, English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese facilitates seamless cooperation with international customers, ensuring we fully understand and meet your production and quality standards.

                                                                        Inspired by Excellence

                                                                        We continuously improve our products and processes by drawing inspiration from Germany and Japan's high-quality management standards. Notably, more than 3 million EV cars are powered annually by motors built on our assembly lines, a testament to our industry footprint.

                                                                        Mission and Vision

                                                                        Our mission is to help our customers succeed with our technology while making the earth greener with our EV products. We envision becoming the leading brand in EV manufacturing equipment, with every new car globally using motors built on our equipment.

                                                                        Revolutionizing Products and Services

                                                                        We specialize in creating EV Motor stator assembly lines based on the cutting-edge "hairpin winding process". This innovative technology offers higher power motor output in less space and reduced automation cost and was adopted by industry giants, including Tesla, at their Shanghai plant. Our R&D services extend to helping customers build their first EV motor stator prototype in our lab near Shanghai.

                                                                        JULI Automation: Your Partner in Success

                                                                        At JULI Automation, quality, service, and speed are our guiding principles. As we continue to power the future of EV manufacturing, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.