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                                                                        TRANSFORM YOUR EV MOTOR PRODUCTION & INNOVATION

                                                                        Leverage JULI Automation's Expertise in Hairpin Winding Technology and Comprehensive R&D Services

                                                                        Hairpin Winding Technology:
                                                                        Overcoming Challenges in Electric Vehicle Motor Manufacturing with Our Expert Hairpin Winding Solutions

                                                                        At JULI Automation, our extensive experience and cutting-edge capabilities ensure your motors deliver the highest possible performance and efficiency.

                                                                        Our Hairpin Winding Solutions


                                                                        1. First fully automated flat wire motor mass production line in China has been delivered for 53 months of continuous and stable production

                                                                        2. Trusted by customers for 34 years with over 350 production lines delivered, including EV motor mass production


                                                                        1. Full traceability of production and quality information

                                                                        2. Mechanical simulation

                                                                        3. Virtual commissioning

                                                                        4. Digital twin


                                                                        1. Molding one Upin every second

                                                                        2. For each CT90s production line, 2 molding machines correspond to OK

                                                                        3. Complete one solder joint every 0.2 second


                                                                        1. Advanced motor technology development -X-pin

                                                                        2. Focus on the future -W-pin

                                                                        EV Design, Prototyping & Production

                                                                        Achieve Your Electric Vehicle Goals with Our Dedicated Design, Prototyping, and Production Expertise

                                                                        Consultation & Project Evaluation

                                                                        What JULI Automation Can Do For You:
                                                                        a. Understand client's requirements
                                                                        b. Analyze market trends and competition
                                                                        c. Define project scope and goals

                                                                        Feasibility Assessment & Concept

                                                                        What JULI Automation Can Do For You:
                                                                        a. Evaluate technical feasibility
                                                                        b. Develop preliminary motor concepts
                                                                        c. Conduct cost-benefit analysis

                                                                        Design, Engineering & Optimization

                                                                        What JULI Automation Can Do For You:
                                                                        a. Create detailed motor designs
                                                                        b. Optimize for performance and efficiency
                                                                        c. Finalize materials and component selection

                                                                        Prototyping, Testing & Validation

                                                                        What JULI Automation Can Do For You:
                                                                        a. Produce motor prototypes
                                                                        b. Test for performance and reliability
                                                                        c. Refine design based on test results

                                                                        Manufacturing Setup & Training

                                                                        What JULI Automation Can Do For You:
                                                                        a. Plan production processes and equipment
                                                                        b. Implement quality control measures
                                                                        c. Train client's staff on manufacturing

                                                                        Implementation & Continuous Support

                                                                        What JULI Automation Can Do For You:
                                                                        a. Launch motor production
                                                                        b. Monitor production performance
                                                                        c. Provide ongoing technical support and improvements

                                                                        EV Motor Automated Assembly Lines

                                                                        We offer automated assembly lines tailored to meet all quality, flexibility, scalability, and traceability demands. JULI Automation has established a prominent presence in the EV motor assembly sector, especially in China, where we command over 30% market share.

                                                                        Over the past five years, we've perfected standard processes for each assembly stage that meets or exceeds global quality standards, letting our customers save time and money on their EV motor assembly investments.